Foil Sealing and Shrinking

B+S GmbH Logistik und Dienstleistungen as a contract logistics provider supports you with numerous value added services. As a special packaging service we carry out foil sealing and shrink-wrapping of products.

For shrink-wrapping we use robust PET-foils or foils according to your requirements. The shrinking is performed by heating in a shrink tunnel. By applying heat the foil perfectly surrounds the goods. That way everything is packed securely for further transport.

The high quality foil completely encloses the products and shows interested consumers at the POS that the goods are unopened and free of damage; an important confidence-building measure for increasing sales, e.g. with books.

Place your order with B+S Logistik and let us convince you of our excellent performance quality with foil sealing and shrinking.

Blisters: For particularly robust packaging

We also package your goods in blister packages, the so-called
“blisters”. For that a molded plastic part encloses the products robustly. The individual shape of the blister package is specifically produced for the article using thermoforming technology.

Blisters are particularly recommended if the goods need to be displayed visibly at the POS, e.g. in suspended racks per Euroslot. Products in blisters sell well, because it shows the article 100%. Customers know exactly what they are buying -that positively influences the decision to purchase. At the same time the product is well protected in the blister. Blister can be produced in any size, shape and kind. The large elaborate packages make it more difficult for shop-lifters to steal articles undetected.

As a holistic service provider B+S Logistik offer you blistering as an additional service within the supply chain. That way, we prepare your article perfectly for the sale; flexible, professional and reliable.

Do you want to foil seal, shrink-wrap or blister your articles? Then we look forward to your contact. 
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