Tagging and Labeling

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B+S GmbH Logistik und Dienstleistungen prepares products for you in a way that they can be delivered directly to the POS, ready for sale. Apart from co-packing, packaging and picking we offer you further measures to optimise each article.

We will re-compose articles and assortments, pack and label them, according to the individual requirements of the client. Did you forget product information on the packaging? Or do you want to add information to the labels? No problem: we add them and take care of the labeling and tagging. Fast and uncomplicated, so there will not be any delays.
If you need changes (manipulations) to your goods, e.g. replacement or the change of components, we will gladly take care of that.

Flexibility for the ideal product packaging

In order to best prepare your articles for the POS, we offer all services from one source. Benefit from our flexibility that also makes short-term additions, replacements and changes to the goods possible.

Our qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment assure our impeccable service quality, so that your products always arrives neatly, customer friendly and in the best condition at the POS.

We are your contact partner when it is about preparing parts for sale on short notice. We will quickly find the perfect solution for all requirements.

Do you need labelling or tagging of goods? Then call us. We have ready solutions for each task.
FREECALL +49 800 / 80 66 100 

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