Quick and safe: The B+S Pick-by-Voice

Apart from ideal warehousing and transport logistics, B+S GmbH Logistik und Dienstleistungen offer their customers the further processing and packaging of all goods. Of course, that also includesquick and correct picking. Especially for extensive orders we offer picking via a pick-by-voice-system.

As a system that is paperless, pick-by-voice offers many logistics advantages in comparison to the traditional approach. While with classical picking systems the picker collects the goods from the shelves, he receives with this system all relevant information via voice messaging to his head set. He picks the goods and confirms this to the system also by voice. Hence, picker and picking system exchange important data directly. The data for packing is transmitted via WLAN directly to the central server at high data transmission rates; for safe, quick, precise picking and at lower costs.

SYSCON GmbH Systeme plus Consulting, a company owned by B+S Logistik und Dienstleistungen, makes sure that EDP works safely and correctly. That way stock entry and picking works reliably.

Clear advantages with pick-by-voice

With pick-by voice the employees have their hands and eyes free during picking, which evidently leads to fewer errors. Furthermore, picking becomes safer, because employees are more aware of their surroundings than if they would be concentrating on their picking lists. That increases work safety, as accidents will get less likely.

The pick-by-voice system eliminates the use of unwieldy paper and saves a lot of time – the picking performance will be increased verifiably

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