Shelve Storage - Block Storage - Refrigerated Storage

Food or non-food at B+S GmbH Logistik und Dienstleistungen will be stored optimally and upon request comprehensively prepared for further distribution. We operate logistics spaces at 6 German locations that meet all requirements. Trust us: our warehousing logistics will lower your costs and improve logistics processes.

Do you have cases, cartons or pallets that should be stored in a clearly organised way? Then, you should select our shelf warehousing. With that your units will be clearly assigned to shelves which can be accessed quickly. That offers more flexibility.

Should there be no need to access the goods until the on-carriage, they could be kept in block warehousing. Storable containers, cases, cartons or pallets will be stacked and stored in blocks next to each other. Like that they are ready,compact and quickly, for onward transportation.

Refrigerated warehousing is highly sensitive. As a service provider B+S Logistik performs  safely and with impeccable quality. We provide refrigerated warehouses, in which you can store products between +14 and +18º Celsius. For that we work according to the HACCP standard for a maximum in hygiene and we are IFS-certified. Of course, the VO 178 (batch traceability for foodstuff) is possible with B+S Logistik.

We implement everything that creates the perfect warehousing of goods, e.g. EDP-interface solutions, package dispatching, sample dispatching, picking, packaging and co-packing.

Take our word for it, according to our motto “Your logistics order – we take care of it!”, especially when storing your goods.

Are you looking for a particular form of storage for your goods? Contact us, we will gladly advise you with questions regarding warehousing logistics!

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